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Hi. Please kindly correct me if I am wrong: From the POV of a drama student, Mary is an interesting character. 'cause she's multi-demention and unpredictable, so we admire the writing job of her. BUT, as a person in fictional world of the story, she is bad, a lier, a murderer, untrustworthy & ungrateful. She does not deserve to be forgiven for her deceptions specially killing of Sherlock so easily 'cause her husband is generously kind or she is pregnant. We do not like or approve her. Right ...?

thescienceofjohnlock answered:

I certainly don’t.
Yes she is an interesting character well played but the character is not meant be liked.




This year’s Open House London I went to London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

LAMDA moved from Tower House to here in 2003, so technically it’s not where Richard and Benedict have been studied in, but still I found something related to them. (The first on was The Normal Heart from 1998.)

Besides the photos we have seen before, I found a photo of stage of The Crucible in 1998.

Richard said he has been in The Crucible when he was at school, but I am not sure if he was in this one.

The photo seems like Act III, so we won’t see him in this photo anyway as he was only in Act IV.

The third photo was taken in John Wood Studio in which students are doing fight demo.

No further editing, no reposting, please.


For the baby Benedict in there + this lovely letter